Do you want to start your own faucet ?

Do you want a secure script with a unique design ?

Do you want directly automated payments (avoid faucet builders and fees) ?


Here are the main features :

- multiple currencies : BTC, LTC, NMC, DOGE, MOONCOIN, etc

- 100% configurable - claim times, rewards, cashout periods, referrals %, etc

- referral program 

- faucet balance indicator (users and referrals)

- admin panel

- completely automated

- IP's and address limits, all faucet dispenses logged

- reCAPTCHA 2.0

- unique design

- integrated advertisment spaces on all pages/zones

- instant payouts via, Coinbase, Bitcoind 

- 100% customizable (you can change the colors, fonts, add new pages, etc)

- easy to install and run (just upload the files, and insert your own infos)

- plus many other features 


Live Demo:  (it is a live website, you can test it and get free BTC)